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    At DMW, we believe in practicing the Integrated Pest Management approach in caring for various problems that occur within a landscape.

    IPM is a more environmentally friendly approach to pest control. This includes the careful and targeted use of pesticides. These treatments are applied only when and where insects or diseases have become a problem. It is our belief to promote the overall vigor of your landscape by the education of proper watering, pruning, and micro-nutrient applications.

    Tree and Shrub Care for insect and disease problems: At DMW, we handle insect activity in trees and shrubs many different ways. First, we always strive to provide a very quick knock-down of the population of the insect to help reduce aesthetic damage to the plant. Second, we will further strive to provide a healthier growing condition, whether this is accomplish thru the use of micro-nutrient injections or as simple as changing an environmental condition. 

    Disease problems for trees and shrubs are handled using contact or systemic fungicides depending on which diseases are occurring at that time of season. We will educate you on what disease problems you have and advise you on the best way to proceed.

    Deep Root Fertilizing: Your trees and shrubs represent a growing investment in your home. We, at DMW, are very strong believers in promoting plant health care while keeping your trees and shrubs vigorous. Deep Root Fertilizing is one of the best ways to promote vigor and increase your plant’s abilities to move water and micro-nutrients. This process will ultimately increase the growth rate and aesthetic appearance of your trees or shrubs.

    Tree Injections: Large trees and trees in sensitive surroundings will be injected through the main stem to avoid the spray drift of pesticides.


    Our cherished Maple tree has been on my families property for over half a century. I noticed our tree starting to slip away. We called DMW and they drew up a program that has kept our "family" tree alive and well for over 4 years.

    Thomas M. - St.Clair Shores, Mi

    DMW Pest Solutions has been Deep Root fertilizing all of the Spruce tree's in my yard for about 2 years. They are out to tend to the trees about 2 times a year, and since I moved in 12 years ago these trees have never looked better.

    Susan D. - Macomb, Mi

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