Our Outdoor Pest Control program consists of custom applications that you will see applied to your entire property or the exterior of your home.

Each application is catered exclusively to your home and pest control needs. Whether you're looking to reduce mole problems, mosquito populations or looking to get rid of ants and spiders around your home, you've come to the right place.

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Mosquito reduction is controlled by reducing the adult populations through the use of insecticide sprays around the home or business. These sprays also work on contact to provide a quick knock-down application.

The other way is to reduce the amount of larvae in standing water areas by means of larvicide or by simply turning over all things that retain water around our home or business, for example, small pools, old buckets, tires, or gutters.

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At DMW, we believe in practicing the Integrated Pest Management approach in caring for various problems that occur within a landscape. IPM is a more environmentally friendly approach to pest control. This includes the careful and targeted use of pesticides.

These treatments are applied only when and where insects or diseases have become a problem. It is our belief to promote the overall vigor of your landscape by the education of proper watering, pruning, and micro-nutrient applications.

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