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    Our Outdoor Pest Control program consists of custom applications that you will see applied to your entire property or the exterior of your home. Each application is catered exclusively to your home and pest control needs. Whether you're looking to reduce mole problems, mosquito populations or looking to get rid of ants and spiders around your home, you've come to the right place.

    Spider Control: The Outdoor Pest Control technique we utilize to reduce spider populations will not only cover your homes foundation (perimeter) but also contact the exterior walls of your house. Touching cracks and crevices near gutters and soffits will eliminate spiders on contact as well as provide a residual area of contact between applications so no rapid population growth can take place.

    Spider control applications usually are applied between 2 to 3 times per season. This will ensure insect populations are kept at a acceptable level.

    Flea and Tick Control: Our applications are accomplished by use of either granular or liquid insecticides to your property to provide you with a lower threshold of insect populations.

    Bee and Wasp Control: This service is controlled by the use of insecticidal dusts or liquid insecticide applications, which will provide you a quick knock-down of these types of pests.

    Mole Reduction: We strategically place bait within the mole feeding areas to reduce the overall population.

    What's the difference between your application & a perimeter application?
    Perimeter Application only applies formulas directly to the foundation of your house. While this is critical to pest control, it is only one entry point among several that a pest can take to enter your home.

    Our Outdoor Pest Application contains both a perimeter application as well as a contact spray to the exterior walls of your house. We also target key areas around gutters, soffits, and other areas to create a residual barrier to eliminate present pest but also to keep populations down between applications.


    Customer service is our number 1 priority. You can be assured that DMW Outdoor Pest Solutions will guarantee premiere customer service with a smile!

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    I called DMW when I had a bee's nest under my front porch. They took care of the issue within 24 hours of my initial call, I can definitely say I would recommend them to anyone. We are now on their custom 3 application Outdoor Pest Control program, it takes care of our spiders and ants through the summer months!

    Paul K. - Clinton Township, Mi

    Spiders have always been a problem at my house. They were constantly covering my front porch with webs... That's until I called DMW. I now get 2 sprays a year and it takes care of all my spider problems.

    Alice B. - Roseville, Mi

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